Here we have compiled information and news on the subject of taxes for you, which you can download free of charge. Some are of a more theoretical nature, others are quite practical tips and a selection of our fact sheets.


We also create a variety of informational leaflets and templates on important issues. They give an overview and are ready at hand for judgment and decision.

Templates and leaflets for example look like this:

  • The correct invoice (German)
  • Watch Out! KSK-Contribution (German)
  • How to read a business assessment? (German)
  • Template asset retirement protocoll (German)

DATEV "Unternehmen Online"

DATEV "Unternehmen Online" makes it easier to cooperate between accountant and client. All applications are used online. See an overview on how it is used in the demo. We use this system with 95 percent of our mandates.

The DATEV mIDentity stick ensures access to the programme. Business data and documents are exchanged electronically.


How to recognize a good tax consultant

We are often asked how you actually recognize a good tax consultant. Here are some tips:

The choice of your tax advisor is always a matter of trust. Few people get so deep an insight into your life, which is why "good chemistry" is important in every case. Further guidance can be found in the following list. A good accountant...

  • takes time for conversation and asks many questions in order to understand your business and your concerns.
  • has a clear profile, excellent industry know-how and refers to competent colleagues in areas where he has not enough expertise.
  • tailors offers to your specific requirements.
  • submits written offers to clients with clear competitive prices and provides billing that reflects these offers. He will in inform you of price increases in advance.
  • explains clearly and transparently how much services cost and points out conditions under which one can reduce these costs.
  • offers the clients an opportunity to take over their own accounting and provides individual support when they do so.
  • discuss individual KPIs/business evaluations with his clients and points out problems and missed opportunities.
  • gives proactive tips for funding and for investment opportunities.
  • arranges contacts with banks/investors on request.
  • informs clients regularly about current developments in tax law and highlights implications pertaining to the client.
  • processes your inquiries efficiently and accurately and is available for discussions at short notice.
  • uses professional up to date software.

Laws and Regulations

Here you will find the most important laws, decrees and regulations which are the foundation of tax consultancy.

The profession of tax consultant is subject to the following regulations: