Founding a Company

You have a good business idea? This is just the beginning. We will help you to develop and expand this idea. We highlight the business and administrative issues before they become a problem - meanwhile you can peacefully develop and optimise the idea. We will be at your side when it comes to strategic decisions and help you to create a stable foundation, because that is the prerequisite for a successful business.

Our offer for you:

  • We will assist you in the selection of the appropriate legal structure for your future business.
  • We navigate you through the necessary start-up procedures, including: business registration, tax registration with the tax office, etc.
  • We calculate for you the amount of capital required when starting a business, determine your financial needs and help you in the selection of the appropriate bank or investor.
  • Depending on the legal form chosen, it is important to talk about the contracts, here, too, we are at your side.
  • Funding opportunities? We have the overview, e.g.: at ESF support, KfW loan, Investment Banks.
  • We will help you in designing a business plan. This includes, in particular, a comprehensive Executive Summary and a solid financial plan.
  • We will assist you in developing a marketing strategy which includes price calculation, sales opportunities, market and target group analysis.
  • We also offer coaching for entrepreneurs.

THe Current Business 

We ensure that you can concentrate on your day to day business. You and your company should not be bothered by bureaucratic hurdles. To this end, we offer comprehensive consultation: In addition to the classic tax advice, we can also provide business assistance. We want to secure your assets from liability risks, avoid high taxes and unregulated inheritances.

Our offer for you:

  • We prepare VAT returns, tax returns and financial statements and also manage you daily finances and payroll.
  • We represent you against the tax authorities, and of course in audits or tax proceedings. Who has success, must pay taxes.
  • We will give you advice on how you can minimize your tax burden.
  • Are you planning new investments? We advise on new financing and investment projects and help you with subsidies and loan applications.
  • Basel II - we support you in connection with credit rating conversations with your bank.
  • Provision for retirement is becoming increasingly important. We can advise you on regulations for occupational retirement provision of shareholder-managers and employees.
  • We develop measures with you to secure the company when it comes to the question of inheritance.


Are you concerned about who will lead your business later on? We can help you to take proactive planning for succession. Important: Precautions must be taken early to ensure that your business assets are safe, taxes saved and the company remains on a solid business footing.

Our offer for you:

  • We help you in finding and training a successor.
  • We develop concepts for avoiding unwanted successors during the inheritance.
  • Your heirs do not understand oneanother? We prevent inheritance disputes and property losses with sensible constructions.
  • We direct your affairs during the transfer so that you are protected from excessive taxes.