Universities and research institutions are often interested in motivating their students and employees to become self-employed, to transfer their knowledge into the economy.


Researchers or research groups at a university or an institute are encouraged through various promotional programmes to make their developments or inventions economically viable.

These options are only realized by a very few. Worse still, the number of spin-offs in the high-tech sector has been falling continuously for years. We want to increase the number of spin-offs. We want that patents no longer gather dust in the basement or, (think of the MP3 player), change hands for a song and a dance. There are diverse models for spin-offs and the licensing of inventions. For each project, there is an optimal strategy. We will discuss with you the individual case and find tailored solutions and funding opportunities.


Each funding, whether in the EU, the DFG or BMBF, has its very specific guidelines. However, it is hardly possible, next to the scientific work, to find the appropriate funding program, let alone to write convincing applications.

We formulate scientifically accurate, yet readable and understandable, application descriptions - in German or English. We structure the tasks, monitor deadlines, overlook the policy changes and string together work packages for the participants. Moreover, if required we will take over the unpleasant paperwork, even with European partners.

The probability of success of an application increases significantly with our participation. The stress to the applicant, however, decreases. Inquire about our success rates and reference projects.


We organize seminars, workshops and lectures on many different topics.

Here you will find a selection of courses that we can offer you - on site or in our offices.

  • Founder crash course - Everything a start-up must know
  • Forming a start-up out of university
  • Entrepreneurship for scientists
  • Putting business ideas onto paper
  • Simple presentation of complex ideas
  • Introduction to accounting
  • The choice of the appropriate legal form
  • Taxes for start-ups - a path through the jungle

Both the duration of the seminars as well as the complexity of the matter, is adapted to the needs of the participants. Do you have special topics? Talk to us.