Whether business plan, competitive analysis, strategy development, sales concept or financing options: we work together with you to find customized and tailored solutions.

For questions and services regarding tax law, tax returns or accounting, our partners, Prof. Jacobsen Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, are readily available.


"My company is small, I do not need a business plan, the most important things I have in my head, a business plan is only important for banks." What a widespread misconception!

A business plan is the soul and guideline for your company. Don’t write it for others, write it for yourself. As you document your plans and goals, you are forced to clarify many questions, the objectives and road to success will become clear and explicit. During the coarse of your daily business take a regular look at your plan. Have you deviated greatly? If so, why? Then either change your plan or your future actions. Continue to work not only for the company, but also on improvements. With us you will not get any customized all-round business plans. We edit, correct and improve your concept. We tell you what's important when you have not even started to write. We provide impetus to other areas of business. We will review your financial planning. We give in the truest sense of the word: guidance.


Do you know all the key figures in your industry? What’s the position of your competitors? Do you also know about indirect competitors?

At certain stages in the life of a company market or competition analysis is necessary but not always feasible by yourself. Such a process also helps to find and sharpen one’s own profile and identify any potential hazards. As we have a large volume of current industry data at our disposal, we are in a position to create a concise analysis for you.


Is your company well established, profitable and standing on it’s own feet? Don’t think you can now sit back and relax, that the excitement of your business work is over; the growth phase is equally fascinating.

For now it is time to expand the distribution network to conquer new markets, establish subsidiaries, in short, to increase revenue and profits. Focus on optimizing and expansion and allow your employees to continue daily smooth operations. Note: From now on, you do not work in but on your company. We can help.

Maybe, at the moment, your business is stagnating. Then, a realignment of the company is essential. But will you now change the target groups or change to new products? What needs to be considered at medium-term strategic planning? How do you communicate the changes to your concept within your company? We do not preach any management style, but think along with you, as to how practicable a reorienting of your company could be in practice.


You want to expand your business and need capital?

  • We work with you to clarify your actual capital requirements.
  • We design a sound financial plan.
  • We consider what financial instruments for this concept are suitable: e.g.: ProFIT Berlin or Berlin Start by IBB, ERP Kaital für Wachstum or ERP Startfonds.
  • We discuss with you whether your company may be of interest for Venture Capital Investments or Business Angels and provide contacts with investors. We will accompany you to discussions with banks.